Tomato Catalogue

For the love of Tomatoes 





Indeterminate- needs staking with a cage or stake

Determinate- usually doesn’t need large staking, sometimes a small bamboo stick is needed in windy locations or when fruit becomes too heavy


Early is less than 65 days

Midseason is 65 - 80 days

Late is more than 80 days


Cherry Tomatoes

Purple Bumblebee- Early Midseason Indeterminate- Pink-black cherry fruit has dark green/bronze striping. Flavor is similar to a black cherry tomato. 8-12 fruits hang on trusses.


Sunsugar- Indeterminate Early- Golden orange cherry tomatoes with a high sugar content and low acid. Resists cracking and produces a high yield. Sweetest tasting tomato!


Sungold- Indeterminate Early- Hearty plants that produce all summer long. Sister to the Sunsugar. Very sweet, tangerine coloured fruit that hangs in large clusters. For best flavour allow fruit to ripen on vine.


Dikovinka-  Indeterminate Midseason- Imagine a black cherry tomato crossed with a Sungold. Amazing flavour and a beautiful colour for a cherry tomato.



 Dr. Carolyn- Indeterminate Midseason- Colour ranges from a pale ivory to yellow with a depth of flavour that will amaze you. 



Sweet 100- Indeterminate Early- Never disappoints. High yield of sweet tomatoes that form on long, multi branched clusters. This plant will produce fruit from early summer right up until the frost.


Japanese Pink Cherry- Indeterminate Midseason- A large cherry tomato that is very sweet, juicy and full flavoured. Produces trusses of up to 20 tomatoes.


Spike-Semi-Determinate Midseason- Very productive variety that produces golf ball sized fruit and is sweet. Green to bronze stripping on brick red tomatoes.



Tumbler Tomatoes 

Terenzo- Indeterminate -Excellent for salads, juice, canning and relish.




 Sweet Tumbler- Derterminate Dwarf Midseason- A pink Cherry tumbler that grows 6-8" tall. Sweet Fruit. 



Bush Tumbler- Derterminate 60 days - A bush hanging plant that produces lots of 2 inch fruit. 




Tumbler Hybrid- Determinate Early- Excellent for containers and hanging baskets to tumble over the sides. Excellent tasting tomato, that can produce 4 lbs of fruit per plant.



 Gnomies Patio / Container 

Red Robin- Determinate 55 days- Extra sweet cherry tomatoes. Small plant is perfect for growing in containers all year long.



 Japanese Dwarf- Dwarf Determinate Early- Only grows up to 20 inches and produces small, round red tomatoes. Can withstand tough growing conditions.


Little Bing- Determinate Dwarf Early –Compact plant that is great for containers and the patio. Produces a high yield of juicy, sweet tomatoes that tend to ripen at the same time


 Rejina- Dwarf Indeterminate Early-Similar to Red Robin in height at 12 inches but is much sweeter and produces more and larger fruit.


Rejina Yellow- Dwarf Indeterminate Early- The yellow version of the Rejina. About 12 inches tall with a slightly fruiter taste.


Venus-Determinate Early Dwarf - A small plant of 15-20cm (6-8”) makes it perfect for pots and baskets or a windowsill. Sweet small orange cherries produced.



Gnomies Large Tomatoes 

Citron Compact- Indeterminate Dwarf Midseason- Produces yellow fruits with citrus notes and a touch of tropical sweetness. Compact plants grow to about 1M (3Ft) high.


Brandyfred-Dwarf Indeterminate Midseason- Dwarf variety that grows max 4 ft tall but will need support for a plant that produces large fruit.



Cuor Di Bue (Bull’s Heart)- Indeterminate Midseason- Short stocky plant that can produce fruit up to 2lbs



Dwarf Beauty King- Dwarf Indeterminate Midseason- Golden striped red oblate fruits that hang in clusters of 3-4 and weigh 4-10+ ounces. Fruit has a distinctive navel orange taste.




Paste Tomatoes

Costoluto Fiorentino- Indeterminate 85days- The fruit grows to 8.5 ounces and 4 inches wide with a flattened heavily ribbed shape. Juicy with high sugar and acid make it a fantastic tomato for sauce and is also great for slicing and salads. 

Casino- Indeterminate Midseason- Large red paste tomatoes that produce 6-8 ounce fruit. Trusses can have of up to 6 fruits. Can also be eaten fresh.

Martino’s Roma- Determinate Midseason- Great paste tomato for making sauce and drying. Produces 2ounce fruits in clusters of up to 6.



Banana Legs- Determinate 65-75 days- Vigorous growing plant 16-30 inches tall that produces heavy yields of 2-4 inch long golden yellow fruit. Very meaty, sweet and has few seeds. 

Napoli- Indeterminate Midseason- Short stocky paste tomato plants that produce 8-10 fruits per truss weighing 2.5- 4 ounces and are dense and meaty.

San Marzano- Semi-determinate 80days – Famous Italian tomato grows 4-6 feet tall and should be staked. Produces large ribbed tomatoes of 12-16 ounces. Considered to be THE best tomato for sauces and paste.


Roman Candle- Indeterminate Midseason- Plant produces good yields of yellow banana shaped tomatoes. Fruit is very flavourful and has few seeds making it perfect for sauces and salsas.


Old Italian Pink– Indeterminate Early Midseason- Produces large (up to 1lb), sweet meaty fruit with few seeds.

Large fruit tomato 

 Regular Size Plants

Stupice- Indeterminate Early- This Czech variety pronounced stew-pii-sa is one of the first varieties to produce ripe fruit in the garden since its tolerant of cold weather. It grows to about 4-6 feet high with 2 inch fruit. Fruit is sweet with a tangy finish.

Karma Purple- Indeterminate Midseason- Plant produces 1-1.5 ounce gorgeous pink-black tomatoes. Sweet, juicy and thin skinned.


Jaune Flamme- Indeterminate Midseason- Is a French Heirloom dating back to the 1800's. Deep orange clusters of about 6 tomatoes. Blood-orange colour inside and full of flavour. 


Golden Jubilee- Indeterminate Midseason- Produces high yields of 8-10 ounce tomatoes with a mild flavour and meaty flesh. Great for salads, salsas, cooking, canning and juicing. 


Yuko’s Persimmon Perfection- Indeterminate Early Midseason- An orange beefsteak tomato with persimmon like texture and flavour. Produces fruit as large as 20 ounces.


Kimberley- Indeterminate Early- A Siberia tomato crossed with a Tiny Tim. Say What?? A small plant that produces early and keeps producing all season long. Gotta love it! 



Cherokee Purple- Indeterminate Midseason – Very old Heirloom variety. Deep dusty pink  coloured tomato with and excellent flavour. A great tomato for salads, canning and slicing. My fav for toasted tomato sandwiches.


 Slivery Fir Tree- Determinate Early- Originated in Russia this plant has foliage that resembles a carrot. Small, compact plants produce fruit with strong tomato flavour.


Woodle Orange- Indeterminate 75-95 days- Plant grows 4-6 feet tall producing orange beefsteak tomatoes with a smooth skin and sweet taste.


Vintage Wine- Indeterminate Late Season 52-75 days- Grows 3-5 feet tall. Fruit is pale pink with golden stripes and a rich flavour. Fruits can grow to 1 lb.


Virginia Sweets-Indeterminate Late Midseason- Sweet and fruity large 10-16+ ounce tomatoes



Ox Heart- Indeterminate Late- Large heart shaped fruit with sweet, rich flavour and meaty flesh. A great tomato for making sauces. Fruit can grow up to 1lb.


Big Beef- Indeterminate Midseason- A gardener’s classic and an all-around tomato. Plants produce extra large, meaty fruits and are great for slicing. Plant is large and disease resistant.


Black Krim- Indeterminate Late season- A large plant that produces large juicy fruit with a complex flavour. Naturally disease resistant and able to grow in a variety of conditions. A wonderful slicing tomato.