Ariel Cote 

Hey, Welcome to Garden Girl!

Our Regina greenhouse specializes in annuals, perennials, shrubs and small trees. We offer yard and garden maintenance programs, seasonal potscaping for your planters, garden rejuvenation, and planting services.

I am Ariel Cote and I am serious gardening nerd who's been digging in dirt for over 15 years. Planting, watering, growing almost anything I can get my hands on.  Growing up in vegetable gardens where the goal was to feed large families is where my love for gardening started. Fast forward to today... feeding my family straight from the garden is why I started Garden Girl. 

I come from a long line of gardeners who whole-heartedly believe that knowing how to grow your own food is one of the most important skills to hone. From a full on Victory vegetable garden to a patio container of vine ripe tomatoes, my goal is to make your gardening adventure fun and easy.

My boys' happy place is in the garden.

They love exploring, watering, digging and harvesting.  Because of them I prefer to keep my garden practice as natural as possible.  Nurturing soil health naturally so that it in turn nurtures plants, decreasing the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides is of utmost importance.

While growing food is my passion, creating a beautiful outdoor space and helping you love your yard again is the highlight of Garden Girl.  From curating gorgeous planters that are suitable for your taste and growing conditions... to finding the perfect shrub for that hard to grow spot... we will help you love your yard again!  


My team of gardeners are always respectful when providing garden care on your property. If you require fine, custom gardening and professionally maintained surroundings, let us assist you, we can make gardening easy and enjoyable.