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Verma/ Worm Composting Kits

Verma/ Worm Composting Kits

Worm composting is where is at for all your fruit and veg scraps. Red wingler worms munch up your food scraps and turn them into some of the very best compost.  These kits are ready to go just add fruit and vegetable scraps (peels, stems, cores), some shredded paper and soon you will have a bin of compost for your garden. I add my worm castings to my flower pots, flower bed, raised beds and anywhere my soil needs a boost. Worm castings are some of the best compost. 

I keep my worm bins in the basement. They don’t smell and no the worms will not crawl out 😉

Due to rules regarding the sales of animals on social media worms are not included. Ask about worms at pickup or delivery. 

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