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Butterfly Mixture

Butterfly Mixture

Butterfly Seed Mixture 6805. Open Pollinated. Combination of Annual and Perennial.

1 pkt sows approx. 3-5 m2 (30-50 sq.ft.)

A specific grouping of plants with flowers in various shades of violet, blue, orange, red and white for the purpose of attracting a wide assortment of butterflies. A blend of annuals (A) and hardy perennials (P) with a garden height that averages 60 cm (2′).  Contains: African Daisy (A), White Alyssum (A), Blue Bachelor Buttons (A), Butterfly Weed (P), Candytuft (A), Catchfly (P), Columbine (P), Prairie Coneflower (P), Purple Coneflower (P), Plains Coreopsis (A), Lance Leaf Coreopsis (P), Cosmos (A), Scarlet Flax (A), Red Swamp Milkweed (P), Siberian Wallflower (P). Garden height averages approximately 60 cm. For larger areas, sow at 125 g/90 m2  or  9.5 kgs/ha

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