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Pepper Ancho Poblano OSC Seed

Pepper Ancho Poblano OSC Seed



Ancho Poblano Pepper Seeds (Mexican Hot Type) 1924. Open Pollinated.

Approx. 15 seeds/pkt (160 seeds/gram)

Add some heat to your dishes with Pepper Ancho Poblano OSC Seed. Originating from Pueblo Mexico, this pepper variety is surprisingly mild but can also produce some spicy fruit. Use fresh or dried, and reap the benefits of its essential role in mole sauces. With 9,000 years of cultivation, these peppers are sure to thrive in the home garden.

Scoville Heat Units – The Scoville heat unit (SHU) rating is your guide to the perceived hotness of peppers caused by the active component capsaisin. The scale runs from about 2500 SHU for the mildest Anaheim to several million SHU. Our hottest is the Carribean Red Hot at 400,000 SHU.

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