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Countertop Hydroponic Garden Kit

Countertop Hydroponic Garden Kit

Gardening with hydroponics is easy with our Hydroponic Mason Jar Countertop Garden!  This kit comes with everything you need to grow fresh veggies at home year-round.  Makes a great gift for any gardener too!

With this kit, anyone can easily grow fresh herbs and greens using the Kratky method of hydroponic gardening. It also works well for growing microdwarf tomatoes and even strawberries. This Countertop Garden also makes a great housewarming, teacher, or Christmas gift and is a great activity to do with with your children!

Each Countertop Garden includes:

  • 1 mason jar
  • seeds (1 lettuce variety, 1 herb variety and 1 microdwarf tomato variety)
  • 1 net pot
  • 1 neoprene net pot insert (cloning collar)
  • growing medium
  • premium grade hydroponic nutrients to make 8 litres of hydroponic nutrient solution (fertilizer)
  • instruction booklet

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