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Greens Crispy Winter Salad

Greens Crispy Winter Salad

Expand your seasonal salad repertoire with the delicious textures and full flavors of these cold weather loving, cool season beauties. Mild and nutty French curly endive has finely-cut, delicate, lacy leaves with crispy ribs and creamy hearts. Luxuriant escarole produces satiny rosettes of crunchy outer leaves that fold closely around tender-sweet dense hearts. Toss them together with the tangy leaves of tart red radicchio and you’ll have wonderful continental-style salads of substance and character. 40 days


Equal parts (all F-1): Glory Endive, Elysee Escarole, Presto Radicchio

Seed Count: Approx. 320 / Weight: 0.5 gms

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