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Growing Blankets

Growing Blankets

Designed to save the muss and fuss involved in growing microgreens in soil, Baby Blanket is a felted jute grass mat that is processed by a water method and not treated chemically. This food safe product is grown and manufactured using organic practices but is not certified organic. 

Using Baby Blanket in combination with Sea Spray Kelp or an organic natural fertilizer of your choice, you will have all the advantages of soil growing without the disadvantages of the mess. Use it for wheat and barley grass, buckwheat, cabbage family microgreens, sunflower and pea shoots and any other microgreen varieties that do not specifically require soil. It is also great for gelatinous seeds like arugula, flax and cress.

Cut the baby blanket to size with scissors, and place in your preferred growing tray that does have drainage. Soak in water and ring out the excess. Keep the seeds moist by sprinkling or misting with water as required.

Baby Blanket can be reused. Remove plant material from top and bottom of blanket. Dry it and carefully scrape and shake clean off old roots. Sanitize and remove any plant pathogens by placing in boiling water for a few minutes.

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