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Poppy Iceland Giant Mixed OSC Seed

Poppy Iceland Giant Mixed OSC Seed



Giant Mixed Poppy Seeds (Iceland Type) 6580. Native of Canada. Perennial.

Approx. 800 seeds/pkt (8,000 seeds/gram)

Rejoice in the beauty of Poppy Iceland Giant Mixed OSC Seed! This perennial variety features large 10 cm (4'') wide flowers with wavy and fringed petals of various hues that blaze atop bright green foliage with a fern-like structure. Reaching a height of 45 cm (18'') and standing firmly in harsh winds and rains, you won't be disappointed with this stunning show. For improved blooms, plant in full sun and be sure to cut away faded blooms regularly. Enjoy this Prairie favorite in well-drained soils, or as an annual in warmer climates.


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