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Squash Bush Summer Scallop Trio

Squash Bush Summer Scallop Trio

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Renee's Garden  mixed seed packet offers an easy way to grow a delicious trio of different coloured pattypan squashes. Buttercup-yellow fluted “Sunburst” is tender and nutty tasting simply steamed or poached in broth. Dark green, glossy little “Starship” has zucchini colour and flavor in a unique flying saucer shape. Pretty apple-green “Peter Pan” scallops are creamy and sweet fleshed – a treat to sauté or slice and grill. 50 days


Seeds are color coded with USDA food grade stain to distinguish varieties. Be sure to plant some of each for colorful harvests!

Pink seed = yellow Sunburst F-1
Undyed seed = apple green Peter Pan F-1 
Green seed = dark green Starship F-1

Seed Count: 20-25 / Weight: 2 gms
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