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Stocks Evening Scented OSC Seed

Stocks Evening Scented OSC Seed

 Evening Scented Stocks Seeds 6120. Heirloom Flower. Annual.

Approx. 225 seeds/pkt (1,250 seeds/gram)

The Stocks Evening Scented OSC Seed is a great choice for the fragrance-filled garden. Featuring lilac-colored flowers that open at night to fill your garden with a wonderful aroma, these plants grow up to 45 cm (18") tall. Enjoy their delightful scent after a summer shower or on a still summer evening - it's sure to make your garden an unforgettable oasis.

How To Grow

This Stocks Evening Scented OSC Seed is an ideal choice for direct sowing in the garden in late May or early June. The seed should be sowed lightly and barely covered in a shallow layer of soil. Keep the soil moist for the 14 day germination period, then thin plants to 20 cm (8") apart. Enjoy a pleasant evening scent in your garden.

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