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Sunflower Cherry Rose OSC Seed

Sunflower Cherry Rose OSC Seed

 Cherry Rose Sunflower Seeds 6165. Hybrid. Annual.

Approx. 15 seeds/pkt

This Sunflower Cherry Rose OSC Seed is the fastest maturing sunflower available, blooming within only 40 days. It produces beautiful cherry-red flowers with lemon tipped petals and a single stem reaching up to 150 cm (5') tall. To ensure strong blooms, fertilize with a 15-5-15 or similar analysis, favoring nitrate-based nitrogen, and avoid drought stress and overhead irrigation. Cool nights help the plant form a good solid stock.

How To Grow

Grow beautiful cherry rose sunflower with ease! Plant seeds about 1/4”-1/2” deep in sunny, well-drained soil and thin or transplant seedlings 12-18” apart. You can give your plants an early start with peat pots or Jiffy 7’s at 70°F, then keep them fertilized twice during the season for the best results.

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