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Sunflower Colour Fashion Mixed OSC Seed

Sunflower Colour Fashion Mixed OSC Seed

 Colour Fashion Mixed Sunflower Seeds 6125. Open Pollinated. Annual.

Approx. 50 seeds/pkt (40 seeds/gram)

This Fashion Mixed OSC Seed variety produces bold and vibrant sunflower heads in an array of colours, ranging from yellow, bronze, red, and burgundy. With an average diameter of 20 cm (8"), these single petaled flowers stand atop sturdy stalks that can reach up to 1.5 m (5') tall. Enjoy an eye-catching summer display that will be sure to brighten any garden.

How To Grow

Grow beautiful sunflowers with our Sunflower Colour Fashion Mixed OSC Seed. Perfect for any sunny, well-draining site, these seeds are easy to sow, and can be started indoors. Transplant seedlings to a site in full sun, water and fertilize regularly for vibrant, long-lasting blooms. Perfect for any garden.


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