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Sunflower Tall Sungold OSC Seed

Sunflower Tall Sungold OSC Seed


Tall Sungold Sunflower Seeds 6150. Open Pollinated. Annual.

Approx. 40 seeds/pkt (35-40 seeds/gram)

Enjoy the brilliance of vibrant, double-petaled, golden-yellow flowers which can reach up to 1.5m (5') tall in your backyard with Sunflower Tall Sungold OSC Seeds. Easy to grow and great for pollinators, this variety is sure to bring plenty of beauty and sunshine to your space.

How To Grow

Grow your own Sunflower Tall Sungold OSC Seed with ease! Plant in late May in a sunny site with well-draining soil, sowing the seed about 1/4-1/2” deep and 3-4” apart. For an early start, seed can be started indoors in peat pots at 70°F. Harden off seedlings before transplanting to a full sun spot and water and fertilize twice during the season. Enjoy a beautiful garden of towering sunflowers in no time!


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