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Sunflower Teddybear OSC Seed

Sunflower Teddybear OSC Seed

 Teddybear Dwarf Sunflower Seeds 6155. Open Pollinated. Annual.

Approx. 30 seeds/pkt (30 seeds/gram)

The Sunflower Teddybear OSC Seed is an ideal flower for any garden, with its dwarf Sungold variety that is no taller than 60 cm (2 ft). Its vibrant blooms are reminiscent of the tall Sungold variety, yet this compact, low-maintenance seed produces gorgeous blooms without occupying much space.

How To Grow

 The Sunflower Teddybear OSC Seed is easy to grow and produces stunning blooms. Start the seed 2-3 weeks early indoors at 21 C (70 F). Then transplant outdoors in a sunny site with well-draining soil. Space the seeds 7.5-10 cm (3-4") apart and thin or transplant seedlings to 30-45 cm (12-18") apart. Water and fertilize twice during the season for best results.


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