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Sweet Peas Royal Family Blue OSC Seed

Sweet Peas Royal Family Blue OSC Seed

Royal Blue Sweet Peas Seeds (Climbing Type) 6250. Heirloom Flower. Annual.

Approx. 25-30 seeds/pkt (12 seeds/gram)

Royal Family is our finest climbing variety! This sweet pea produces large very fragrant flowers in bright, clear blue that are carried well out from the vine on strong stems. Self twining vines can grow to 180 cm (6′) in height.

 How To Grow

Our Sweet Peas Bijou Mixed Colours OSC Seed are easy to grow when you soak the seeds overnight and sow them 12mm deep with 5cm intervals. Germination can take up to 20 days. With regular watering and feeding with a 20-20-20 or 15-30-15 water soluble fertilizer, it will flower prolifically with the return of moderate temperatures in late summer. The addition of a couple of hours of mid-afternoon shade can make it even more vibrant!


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