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Tomato Celebrity OSC Seed

Tomato Celebrity OSC Seed



Celebrity Tomato Seeds (Bush Type) 2315. Hybrid.

Approx. 20 seeds/pkt (350 seeds/gram)


Experience abundant harvests with Tomato Celebrity OSC Seed, our top pick for hardiness and adaptability. This AAS Winner produces well-shaped, flavorful 280 g (10 oz) fruit on a compact 60-80 cm bush. Versatile for bush, caged, or staked growth. 

Resistance: V, F, N, TMV, ASC, ST. Harvest in approximately 75 days. Days to harvest are highly variable depending on growing conditions. Determinate growth pattern.

Resistance to diseases for individual varieties is indicated by the abbreviations in the descriptions.   V = VERTICILIUM WILT. N = ROOT NEMATODES. LS = LEAF SPOT. ST = STEMPHYLIUM. F = FUSARIUM. TMV = TOBACCO MOSAIC VIRUS. ASC=ALTERNARIA STEM CANKER.

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