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Zinnia Ice Queen OSC Seed

Zinnia Ice Queen OSC Seed


Ice Queen Zinnia Seeds Annual. 6311

Approx. 10-15 seeds/pkt (100-200 seeds/gram)

Enhance your garden with the Zinnia Ice Queen OSC Seed, a bi-coloured variety with semi-double to double flowers of rose and white-to-pale-pink petals. Grows up to 120 cm in height and blooms fast, making it an ideal cut flower or bedding plant. Its stunning colors attract pollinators like butterflies.

 How To Grow

Grow beautiful Zinnia Ice Queen OSC seed in your garden with ease! Plant in a sunny spot with well-drained organic soil either outdoors, or in pots indoors. Seeds should be lightly covered and expect to see germination in 5-10 days. Transplant outdoors when the seedlings are 7.5 cm tall and thin accordingly. Enjoy the vibrant blooms of the Ice Queen variety for months of colorful pleasure.


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