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Zinnia Pom Pom/ Lilliput Mixed OSC Seed

Zinnia Pom Pom/ Lilliput Mixed OSC Seed


Pom Pom Mixture or “Lilliput” Zinnia Seeds 6295. Open Pollinated. Annual.

Approx. 100 seeds/pkt (100-200 seeds/gram)

This Zinnia Pom Pom/ Lilliput Mixed OSC Seed is perfect for adding a pop of color into any garden. Expect to see beautiful, petite blooms in just a few weeks, with fantastic profusion until the cold weather sets in. Plants will reach up to 2.5 feet tall.

 How To Grow

Grow Pom Pom / Lilliput Zinnias with their amazing mix of vibrant colors easily with this seed. Plant in a sunny, well-drained area with organic soil and cover seed lightly. Expect germination in 5-10 days. When plants reach 7.5 cm, thin smaller varieties out to 25 cm and larger to 35 cm apart. Alternatively, sow indoors in pots 6 mm deep with a temperature of 72 F. Grow on at 60 F before hardening off and transplanting in late May.


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